Poliwood; It is a patented product specially designed for the use of COLUMN, BEAM, FLOORING, CURTAIN, CONCRETE MOLD IN CONSTRUCTIONS. İt consists of three layers of polypropylene welded to a solid composite structure. The specially designed middle layer provides an optimum distribution of thickness between the two outer layers and an excellent compressive strength. This unique structure, creates a unique combination of high physical strength and lightness. With these robust and high performance sheets, we can produce different designs and sizes for your different needs. This product, which is the result of 8 years of research and development, will be a powerful solution partner for your most demanding needs with its versatile usage area.



 Production in desired dimensions: Standard production 18 mm x 125 cm x 250 cm.

 Nails can be driven, cut and long lasting.

 Easy assembly, saving cutting labor and time.

 It is long-lasting and does not require mold oil when using.

 Excellent hardness and strength.

 Easy to transport and installation.1 m² approximately 5500 gr.

 It is waterproof, resistant to moisture and corrosion. It does not deteriorate under bad storage conditions.

 It is environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable.

 It is washable, easy to clean, resistant to chemicals.

 Provides strong joints with plastic welding.

 It is antibacterial, resistant to fungus, mildew free and odorless

 It can be easily laminated and printed in color.

 Can be produced with optional features (UV additive, Anti-static additive, Flame retardant additive)

Foldable Plastic Pallet

Foldable Plastic Pallet



     Household Appliances

     Industrial Packaging

     Spare Part

     Food And Beverage Industry

     Wholesale Material Packaging



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